Henry's Loveable Huskies

Owners: James and Ashley Henry





Montana and Aspen

*White male from Snowflake's litter 11/12



Erica and Keira

*White female from Snowflake's litter. 11/12




Thomas and Amanda and Star

*Black/white female from Snowflakes litter. 11/12



Sade and Fiyero

*Black/white male from snowflake litter 11/12




Shayla and Cade

*White male from Snowflake litter. 11/12





Jordan & Opie

**Gray and white male from Mia litter 12/12**




Amie and Anuk

**Black and white male. Mia litter 12/12**




Dustin and Kya

**Black and white female from Natasha's litter 6/13**



Casey,Alex,Travis,Alexis and Diego

**Splash coat male from Diva's litter 11/13**



Jennifer,Alaina and Mira

**Splash Coat female from Diva's litter 11/13**



Kristina and Kallie

**Black/white female from Diva's litter 11/13**



Woneda and Luna

**Sable Female from Diva's litter 11/13**


Jeridon,Trey,Isaiah and Naala

**Red/white from Diva litter 11/13**